End of the Year 8th Grade Expectations

End of the Year 8th Grade Expectations

Deep creek magnet middle school

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April 3, 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,


As fourth quarter is already here, we wanted to take this time to review expectations and inform both students and parents of upcoming 8th grade activities. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION is included in this letter please read in its entirety.


In the meantime we would like to remind students there is still a lot of learning that will take place, therefore students need to come to school with the required materials (binder, pens pencils, and fully charged devices) to demonstrate they are prepared and here to learn. In addition, students need to follow the dress code policy in regards to hoods, hats and backpacks. Not meeting these expectations will result in a consequence.


Farewell Assembly to be held at Chesapeake High School on June 13, 2018.

  • Each student will be allotted 3 tickets for family to attend the Farewell Assembly- this is to be in compliance with fire codes and the number of seats in the auditorium at Chesapeake High School.
  • All outstanding financial obligation must be paid in full by June 7st – this includes device returned, cafeteria, library and lost novel fees.Farewell Assembly tickets will be distributed on 6/8 if all obligations have been met. See attachment to sign and return to school.
  • It is important to note that any student who is suspended from school after April 5, 2018, will not be allowed to participate in any End of the Year Events including the Farewell Ceremony.
  • Students not meeting the minimum grade requirements to pass on to high school will not be allowed to participate in the Farewell Ceremony.
  • Parents need to complete the residency verification for all incoming 9th grade students (This can be done without appointment anytime starting in April at Deep Creek Middle.)


End of year activities for the 8th grade include a field trip to DC, and a field day. All events will occur during the school day. 

  • Students will be ineligible to participate in any end of year activities if students fail to serve administrative or team leader/teacher consequences .In the event you are absent from school on the day a consequence is scheduled to be served, it will be rescheduled only if a doctor’s note excuses the absence, otherwise it will be considered a refusal to serve.
  • Students MUST return the signed acknowledgement on the next page to their Science teacher by Friday, April 6, 2018.
  • Students may not receive ABLE after April 5th or they will be disqualified.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Ms. Rolka at or Ms Krivda at or 410-887-0112.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  Any updated information will be sent via a connect-ed notification.  




    Meredeth Rolka                                                   Christine Krivda

    Meredeth Rolka                                                                   Christine Krivda

    Assistant Principal                                                               8th grade Team Leader



                                                                                                                                                    April 3, 2018


    Dear Parents/Guardians & Students,


    Outlined below are the obligations that must be met in order to receive your child’s allotted tickets to

    the Farewell Assembly. We want every family to have plenty of time to plan to meet these expectations.

    Please sign the tear off at the bottom of the page to confirm you have received the attached letter as well as the information below.


  • All money owed to cafeteria must be paid
  • All library books must be returned and/or lost book fees paid
  • All novels must be returned to Lang Arts teacher and/or lost book fees paid
  • 9th grade residency verification must be completed by June 7th


In addition all student devices must be returned in the condition it was received. The following items are included in this:

  • Damage free device (if there was damage it should have been reported)
  • Charging cord ($20.00 replacement cost)
  • Blue device bag ($20 replacement cost)
  • Device Bag Strap ($1.00 replacement cost)


*Students who are ineligible to attend the field trip or Farewell Assembly due to academic or behavior reasons need to meet the same obligations outlined to matriculate to ninth grade.



Please fill out tear off and return to Science teacher by Friday April 6, 2018

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 I received the information outlined in the end of year letter outlining expectations for student participation in end of year events including 8th grade field trip and Farewell Assembly. I am also aware of the obligations that must be met in order to receive tickets to the Farewell Assembly.




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