New Immunization Requirements for Current 7th Graders

New Immunization Requirements for Current 7th Graders

Changes in Immunization Requirements


All 7th grade students in 2017-18 (next school year) will be required to provide proof of having received a dose of meningococcal vaccine (also called Menactra) and a booster dose of Tdap (also called Boostrix and Adacel.)  These vaccines are in addition to the vaccines required for kindergarten.  Most children receive these vaccines at age 10 or 11.


Parents of current 6th graders are urged to


  • Check with their child’s health care provider to see if the child has received these vaccines.
  • Schedule an appointment for the child to receive these vaccines BEFORE September 5, 2017.
  • Provide verification of the immunizations to the school nurse.


More information about these vaccines is available at the Office of Health Services website